Monday, December 26, 2011


Just in case you hadn't heard, Christmas was yesterday. ;) We had a great day with family and I had a great time watching the boys rip into more presents. Also, I made these:

No, they're not good for you, but they taste AMAZING, and the recipe can be found here. And no, mine did not look that nice, as I had some difficulty with the top layer of chocolate seizing and sitting in a pile on the top. But they were still good. :)

I have no pictures because my camera was in the car. Sometimes, with a big event like Christmas or a wedding, it feels so hard to take just a few pictures because I want to capture either all of it or none of it. I want to have the totality of the memory more than just a partial, mixed-bag one. I know, it's silly. Rest assured, we had a good time. How was your Christmas, if you celebrated yesterday? If not Christmas, how are the holidays going?

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