Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The D-E Connection

After Emmett was born, naturally, people asked about how Cole & Dean were taking to the new addition. Cole was aware, thrilled, and a great big brother, as usual. Dean was a little jealous at times, definitely excited sometimes, but for the most part, kind of neutral. Cole & Dean were very much two peas in a pod and *the* pair in the house.

Don't get me wrong, Dean has very much been aware of Emmett, but mostly as someone to steal toys from and have toys stolen by in return. In the morning, Cole & Dean usually wake before Emmett does, and they love to rush into Emmett's room and greet him through the crib rails. Dean gets particularly excited. And Dean is concerned, as he is for anyone, when Emmett gets hurt or is sad.

Today I saw them play together. I mean, really play. It was such a different sight, and it made me happy. I think Dean is finally starting to realize that he and Emmett can be buds just like he and Cole are. Looking forward to seeing how this develops as they get older.

When we decided to have a third baby, we did so knowing in part that a benefit would be Emmett's influence on Dean. We knew that Dean being a big brother in addition to a little brother would encourage him to step up and spur him along in new ways. Already, Emmett's almost effortless development has shown us in a different way how labored Dean's development really has been. In some areas, Emmett at just about 11 months is almost caught up to where Dean is at 2.5 years. :( I'm not quite sure I'll know what to do (although what really would there be to *do*?) when Emmett's development surpasses Dean's. Speech is getting there pretty quickly. :(

So instead, I (usually) choose to think more about the fact that Dean IS continuing to develop, and Emmett and Cole will encourage that in different ways. And Dean will encourage a type of development in both of his brothers that they would never have without having him in their lives. Special needs or not, I love how all 3 enrich each other. Each of the boys seems to look to each other as a needed and equal part of this family. I love that.

Dean giving Emmett a push on the Buzz Lightyear car


mandii said...

it's so helpful to read this as a pregnant mom and already going through everything with Asher. thanks for posting!

Candice said...

You are so right! They all enrich eachother's lives in different ways. I know what you mean though. I am already seeing how strong Macy is with her hands...it's amazing.