Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Day of School

All craziness aside, today was my Deano's first day of school! I can't believe it. Here's a pic of us getting ready to go. I look half-asleep. haha

Anyway, I printed off some documents from the PWSA(USA) website and from Pittsburgh Partnership that talk about proper food-related accommodations for students with PWS. I gave them to the teacher and to her boss whom I spoke with yesterday.

Dean's morning at school was great. And by "great" I mean that it is a great classroom with great teachers and therapists. I think it's a very appropriate placement for him. They incorporate typical peers from a daycare housed in the same building and other kids with IEPs with Dean. At various times, the typical peers leave and the students with IEPs work together with the teachers. Dean did a lot of staring at everyone for the first hour, but then by the second hour he was participating a little more. He fell asleep within seconds of getting in the car. :) I'm excited about what he is going to learn and how I can learn more about how to help him. I know I used to be a teacher, but I still have plenty to learn. I wish his teacher had that perspective about this syndrome!

After the morning was over, I gave his teacher the information I'd printed out. I later informed her that we were re-convening an IEP meeting for Dean so we can just get the food-related concerns documented and settled that way. Food was used as a reward "only" once this morning (not sure if she usually does it more and changed it for us?), but we still feel it's important to get this down in writing. Dean might not seem to care right now that food is used as a reward, but it's dangerous for him should he one day develop food-seeking behaviors. Not to mention that the AAP says that *no one* should reward children's behavior with food, anyway....

So we're going to take the angle of trying to work things out with this particular teacher. If it's a problem, then so be it, and we'll switch. But I realized yesterday that this is not always going to be an easy road (sure hasn't been already!), and we can't always just bail when things don't work out. I'm (very) cautiously hopeful.

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