Monday, December 19, 2011

My Little Shepherd

Cole was a shepherd in the Christmas pageant at his school the other day. It was the cutest thing. I felt for his teacher because I know how you work so hard for these kids to wear their costumes, stay on stage, say their lines, not pick their noses the whole time... and then the day of the performance comes and who knows what is going to happen! Haha But really, it's so cute to see them all up there and to a large degree, it doesn't really matter what they do.

That said, Cole wore his shepherd costume faithfully, followed directions, sang his songs, and smiled the whole time. I was so thrilled to see that smile. We were so proud of him. Cole was so happy to see Bob and I and to tell his brothers that he was going to do a play at school. This was also a big step because Cole used to be scared of pretty much everything. He still has quite a good deal of anxiety, but he's getting over *some* of it. Something tells me this will be an issue he'll always deal with, but for now, he's a happy shepherd. :)


Jack said...

One of the best looking shepherds I've ever seen.

Katie said...

Love that little shepherd boy. I so enjoyed Cole at the wedding. He speaks as though he were a man of about 50 with so much experience. The children are all so adorable. Have a blessed Christmas. Love, Grandma Katie