Friday, December 23, 2011

Thisclose to Christmas

Since we are going to my parents' house for Christmas, today we had our own Christmas with the boys. The great thing about kids being little is that they don't care whether it's *actually* December 25, they're just excited for the spirit of it all! They had a great time opening their presents in various states of clothed-ness (Cole in ill-fitting PJs, Dean in regular clothes, Emmett naked. Ha!):

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots!


Cole also summoned his inner Santa, with thanks to Mr. Potato Head:

And even though I mentioned that the presents were from Kitsy & Pops (who mailed their presents early) and Mommy & Daddy, Cole still screamed, "HOW DID SANTA KNOW I WANTED THESE?!?! I'M SO EXCITED!!" He cracks me up. Cole was also concerned because we had not gotten Santa a present. I told him that Santa was just excited to see kids open their presents. The answer satisfied him for now. :)

And now there are only two links left on our Christmas Countdown Chain:

So close, I can almost smell it... Merry Christmas!!

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Matt said...

I got out of the loop keeping up w/ your blog before Christmas, so now I'm doing about a month's catch-up! Just wanted to say: hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas. These pictures look like so much fun, varying stages of clothed-ness and all! And the pic of Cole w/ the Santa/Mr. Potato beard is hilarious. Love it! Miss you guys, hope you're doing well.