Monday, December 12, 2011

We're Back!!

We arrived home a few hours ago after spending a long weekend in New Orleans for Tim & Natalie's wedding!! Great, great weekend. Fun to see so many who made the trip and to celebrate a wonderful event.

This was our first time flying with all 3 boys and overall, they did GREAT! Emmett started out a little rough around the edges...

But it got better. Dean and Emmett were fascinated with the plane. And they were so excited to be with family and friends once we got to New Orleans. The weekend was packed with wedding prep, fun outings, good food, and a bit of sightseeing. We were happy to find out that the Louisiana Children's Museum was part of the reciprocal agreement with our membership to the Children's Museum of Richmond! Great deal.

The actual wedding was last night and was wonderful. Such a joyous event. Here are some pics!

Congrats again to Tim & Natalie!! So excited for their lives together. :)


renee brogan said...

Great pics! You guys are amazing!

Elizabeth Phillips said...

A. You are a hottie!
B. And love the pic of the handsome boys all dressed up in their ties.

Jack said...

Cole was so happy to be wearing a tie! Just like his Dad!
He looks like a ten-year-old in the pic where he's sitting at the table.

Kevin said...

We got back early this morning. Kudos to Laura for working out the change from USAir to American. The actual event was much better than the pictures. I think Cole actually understands who I am now! Let me yet again tell the blog-sphere how awesome you are on the flute.