Saturday, January 14, 2012

This is What I Do, This is What You Do

This is a blog entry from Mary, a fellow (amazing) PWS mom. She recently had a conversation with her son Oscar about why he couldn't/shouldn't go to circus camp like his sister could. I know we will have conversations like this with Dean as well as his brothers about who does what and why. Actually, we already do. For the most part, we just talk about how everyone has different activities, foods, etc. that work for them, and so sometimes we can do things all together, and sometimes we need to do things differently. I imagine that as the boys grow, these conversations will repeat themselves and yet add a layer each time they come around again. I like how Mary dealt with this situation.

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Mary said...

Ali, thank you for posting this here! And you are so right about the conversations repeating over the years with each round going deeper. I'm grateful for this - it has given me time to discover Oscar's specific strengths and challenges and tailor my responses to his questions based on what I know to be true for him. Your boys are lucky that you are already talking to them about PWS...making it all a part of normal daily life goes such a long way toward acceptance in the long run!