Tuesday, January 3, 2012

IEP Review

We had an IEP review today to add food safety measures to Dean's IEP. Dean's teacher had previously told us that these concerns were not an "IEP issue," but pretty much everyone else in the universe told us otherwise.

I'm learning already that special ed law is complicated, complicated enough that you can ask a lot of people the same question and get a lot of different answers. To a new parent trying to navigate the system, this is tricky. I talked to as many people as I could and Bob and I went to the meeting today with some ideas about our strategy. I wrote up a short paragraph about what we were looking for in the classroom and presented it at the meeting.

Approaching the meeting, I was so nervous I thought I might puke or not be able to speak. Ok, I don't ever really puke and who has ever known me to be speechless? But that was how I felt. It was crucial that Bob was there with me.

The admin in the meeting is actually the head of special ed for the whole county, and she was definitely trying to work with us. I really appreciated this. We don't see eye to eye on everything everything, but on enough to leave Bob and I feeling satisfied. I won't go into all the details unless asked more specific questions because I'm just too tired to do so. :)

I have to say, people are really emotional when it comes to food, and particularly the "necessity" of using food in the classroom. I don't totally get it, but it's good to know that this is the case as we move forward. We realize that there are only so many battles we can fight where we insist that there is no food involved, and many, many others where we will choose how and when we can help Dean get through the situation in a safe and successful way. I'm thankful that we could get basic safety measures written into the IEP. The most important part of it is the requirement for us to be given notice when any food is going to be used in the classroom outside of snack. I am confident that we can handle most things when we are given a heads-up and can work together.

Ok, I said I wasn't giving tons of details. My fingers are weary.

Finally, I have to share this video from the other day. Dean is playing with a "zartz," one of his Christmas presents. We've been working on ball skills with him, and then Dean discovered that he could throw objects behind him and get quite a laugh from everyone else. We call it, "making things disappear." He's so cute, I couldn't stop cracking up. :)

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Sarah said...

LOVE the video! That Deano is one super duper cute kid.