Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Inclusive Church

I love when people send along links to neat niches in the special needs world. Today, a friend sent me this article from The Inclusive Church. The site is dedicated to making a place for people with special needs in the church, and the article I just posted is from a youth pastor who ended up having a special needs child of her own... and how it changed her perspective on her ministry. SO good.

And it brought up a main point for me... being a parent to a child with special needs is something that you just cannot fully understand unless you are one. When you moved to a different country, lost your parents, got married, dealt with a chronic illness, had your first child - I'm sure explaining that to those who don't share that experience just feels incomplete. You want to believe that others can get a glimpse, and they can if they have the compassion needed to try to understand. I am so thankful for those in our life who try to understand. I try to understand you in situations that I have not experienced.

The church, being similarly composed of people, sometimes understands and sometimes doesn't. Here's a great resource to bridge the gap!! Enjoy the read. :)

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