Monday, January 16, 2012

The Littles

We had some friends over for dinner tonight, and they have two young boys. So 5 boys 4 years old and younger, and boy was it fun. I love our boys and if anyone is going to come to our house, you have to know that it's going to be a little chaotic. Our friends were apologizing for the chaos that *they* brought to our house and I had to laugh because, really, it just doesn't even faze me... I mean, assuming that they're not coloring on the walls or destroying things at random, which no one was. After all, we sweep and/or mop after EVERY single meal, so adding more chaos to the plate just really is no big deal. Seriously.

It is loud, conversations are disjointed, and someone's always having a meltdown. But it is I can think about how when the boys are older, we'll be able to sit down at a meal and finish a conversation while the kids either sit politely at the table or go play in the next room. But I WILL miss this. I will miss the chaos because really, life isn't all that civilized anyway, and being with the littles puts me in touch with that on a regular basis.

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