Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Moving Along

After weaning Emmett the other week, I felt like I was in no-man's land... I'd wanted so badly for him to be weaned so I could take care of myself and because I just don't really *like* nursing (gasp!). Then it was over and... it was... over.

Before, I'd known that we were having another kid and so the end of something was less sad. But the end of this kind of feeding relationship is so final because Emmett is our last baby. Don't worry, it does not in the slightest make me want to have another baby. But it's still a little bittersweet to close this chapter.

As is typical with me, I told myself that I would be fine with it all because I was wanting to be done and because I love the beginning toddler stage anyway. So I'm good, it's fine. And then a funk crept over me Saturday/Sunday and Bob asked me what was wrong. I started ugly crying. Big, heavy sobs just because my little baby doesn't need me in that way anymore! Emmett's birthday is on Tuesday - he's going to be ONE! ONE! Who sanctioned this????


Today I watched the boys as they all milled about, doing separate activities and then playing together sometimes. A perfect little blend of independence, togetherness, and cuteness. Looking forward to the next stage.

In less-cute news, we're feeling the effects of the cold and flu season over here! Cole has a double ear infection and bronchitis (I didn't even know you could get both at the same time!), Dean has croup, and Emmett just finished a second round of antibiotics for a nasty upper respiratory infection. I will be excited when they are older and don't get sick as much. In the meanwhile, I think we might Occupy Waiting Room at the Pediatrician's Office. :)


grandma Bidon said...

The kids ALWAYS need their momma so it's never over really.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Oh, definitely not. Just a new chapter and different kinds of needs. :)