Monday, January 2, 2012


When we're out in public, people seem to notice that there's something different about Dean. How he moves, the sounds he makes, the way he reacts to people around him. And often, that's actually a positive thing, as Dean takes the time to hug random people, look them in the eye and flash his dimples.... At this point, the "difference" honestly doesn't bother me much anymore, especially if they don't say anything offensive about it. :)

I guess the neat thing is that it makes us memorable. People remember Dean (and Cole & Emmett, too) after being at the children's museum or the mall or whatever even just once.

Recently, I took the boys to the playplace at the mall to give them a change of scenery. A family - mom, dad, and little boy clutching a Barbie doll (it was really cute) - came and sat down. The dad was watching us a bit, not necessarily in a weird way, just watching. Then he looked at Dean, looked at me and said, "Was your son in a walker to get around, maybe 6 months ago?" I thought about it and said, "Yeah, he was." He got a huge smile on his face and said, "Man, he's getting around so well now. I remember him when we saw him." It's easier to remember someone when they had a bright yellow walker to get around. :) But what was impressed upon me was that this dad was proud of our Dean. He didn't even know him and his smiled ear-to-ear and just watched him in awe. My heart was happy. I pray that that realization for that dad was something that gave him a boost for that day and blessed him. That's what it's all about.

That day, Dean also began to run. I HAVE to get this on video. He squeals and just looks like he's flying. It's like he's free of gravity and this crazy low-tone body that he has to lug around. He usually knows that he can't keep up with others and gets upset, but now that he can actually RUN a little, he gets to be "in" the game more. Love it!


Andrea said...

I love the story of the dad's reaction to Dean. So neat. Dean has so many gifts and so much love to give the world. It's so awesome when people see that. I am also proud of Dean and of your entire family. You are an inspiration. Happy New Year!

Haley said...

Awww that is an awesome story! Made me tear up!

Matt said...

Go Dean!! :) (Just don't run *too* much faster than your parents... :))