Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today was the epitome of a lay-low day. We stayed in PJs all day (I'm still in mine), and the boys just rested while they tried to get better. Cole, after barfing last night (yup, fun) seemed much better today. Dean, not so much.

I hate when any of my kids are asleep, even more so for Dean because I just feel like I don't know what I'm doing. I know that at any point, things could get really bad and we'd need to be in the hospital. Usually if we go to the doctor's office and they examine him, they don't find anything, just as with the other night. But I know where it's going. He's needing oxygen at night and I know that his daytime symptoms are going to decline. With Cole & Emmett, I can usually tell when they need antibiotics because their bodies do all the things they're "supposed to" do when they're sick: fever, they sleep a ton, green boogers, lots of coughing, etc. Dean, like many kids with PWS, can be fairly asymptomatic from a clinical standpoint. It's hard to explain how I know that something is going on under the surface other than just that I can.

This was the case today, so much to the point that I called the doctor's office and they had us bring him in immediately. Turns out that Dean has a sinus infection, his third in the past year. Seems that the regimen of pulmicort, albuterol, and nasal spray that we give him is keeping colds out of his lungs, but not out of his sinuses. Poor buddy. Meanwhile, we'd started the course of oral steroids (prednisolone) this morning. Holy toddler 'roid rage. Dean was like an angry drunk with only little bits of happy thrown in. It made me realize what a departure it was from his usual sunny disposition (I mean, he's 2, so he has his moments, but on the whole, he is a happy little guy).

Our kids have unfortunately been on antibiotics a lot in their short lives. We do our best to get probiotics, vitamins, and a balanced diet (ha!) into them, but even so, they just get so sick. Hoping to have a healthy household soon!

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