Sunday, January 22, 2012

Un-Cabin Fever

This weekend was pretty much all about me. I'm sitting here typing while on the couch and I've only left the house to get the mail once the whole weekend. GLORIOUS.

Usually, that amount of inactivity gives me some serious raging cabin fever, but it was high time for a little bit of a break. Bob is a champ with the boys, as usual, and it's not like I did nothing while here, but it was so restful just to be at home. In the meanwhile, I replaced the mirror in the hall bathroom (a bigger project than it sounded), helped Bob organize around the house, did several loads of laundry, did some of our taxes, and a little bit of work and job searching (looking to do more freelancing editing... if you know of something, send it my way, puh-lease!).

Mr. Cole's been fighting off a virus of some kind, so he slept most of the day. Bob took Dean and Emmett out here and there for different activities, but it was really good family time. We don't get that much!

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