Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Un-Wheat Life and PWS

Well, I'm day, what, 5? of no wheat and I feel great. My eczema has gotten so much better, I feel more even-keeled, less bloated, and just less toxic. It's not too hard to find things to eat...heck, even Bisquick has a gluten-free mix now!
However, I do miss a few things. Nothing that can't be substituted or, honestly, just omitted. I'm hoping to stick with this as a lifestyle change. An added benefit is that I'm eating a lot more like Dean does. This is a change I tried to make when he was born, but then once I got pregnant with Emmett, I was just too darn hungry to care as much. Now that Emmett is almost weaned and my body needs fewer calories, it feels more feasible.

For those who are wondering why Dean doesn't eat wheat (or really, a lot of grains of any kind), it has to do with how people with PWS process carbohydrates. Whereas most people's bodies use carbs for energy, the body of someone with PWS is more likely to turn carbs to fat. Also, many parents report that intake of carbs seems to increase food-seeking behavior and acting out in their children. Certainly, we'd like to help out in this department. We've chosen to err on the side of fewer grains earlier on, and then if we find later that Dean's body can handle more, we'll adjust accordingly.

I know it seems funny to think about fat when Dean is so very skinny (in fact, we have trouble keeping weight on him right now!). But while someone with PWS might be very skinny, this doesn't mean that everything is ok. People with PWS have a higher percentage of body fat compared with other people. They might be skinny and yet still have 50% body fat. :( When we go to see Dr. Miller in Florida in a few weeks, we'll get to see how Dean is doing in this arena for now. Judging by how very smooshy and undefined his body is, I'm guessing he doesn't have a ton of muscle. :/

So this is some of the reasoning behind why we do what we do for Dean. Lifestyle changes are easiest when you have others to support you, so I'm hoping that we can all support each other and continue to become healthier.

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Katie said...

Ali, So glad you are having success with the elimination of wheat. I know of several friends who are also going that route. Keep at it girl!!! Love those bath tub boys. Love, Grandma