Saturday, January 14, 2012


Pregnant in November '06,
Cole born in August '07,
weaned August '08,
pregnant September '08,
Dean born in April '09,
stopped pumping in October '09,
pregnant April '10,
Emmett born in January '11,
weaned January '12.

I know many moms go through the pregnancy/nursing cycle for far longer than I do, trust me - I'm not going for the Mommy Martyr award. But I'm tired. And relieved. A little bit sad, but mostly relieved.

Emmett has transitioned over the last few weeks to almond milk, and he's done it well. After I tried weaning him a little more cold-turkey style, which resulted in screaming and crying, I went for a more gradual approach, and that worked.

This means I can go back to my doc and talk about meds for my brain that will be safe for me without worry for a baby. After 5 years, I'm done with loaning out my body for my sweet babes who I love so much. I will still go down on the record saying that I did not enjoy pregnancy or nursing all that much. But I enjoyed my babies during those times. Like I said, a little sad, but mostly relief.

My dear little Emmett muffin is going to be 1 in just a few weeks! I can't bear it.

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