Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day!!!! I am so blessed to have 4 valentines on this day. Cole made me a valentine card of a mouse. A happy mouse. You know, the national symbol of Valentine's Day. A mouse. Notice the signature; glad it's there just in case I got confused as to which Cole made it for me. :)

Yesterday, Cole went to the dentist. Emmett was focused on getting as many snacks as possible while Dean, literally held Cole's hand and stayed by his side almost the entire time Cole was in the dentist chair. I melt. The hygienist said it was so sweet and she didn't mind in the slightest. Is it not the cutest?

Cole is really stepping into the role of big brother and it's fun to see his little brothers adore and admire him. Dean is very aware of what Cole is doing and wants to be included. Lately, they've been into Kung Fu Panda and so the Dean and Cole Kung Fu Show is in full effect. Clearly, a video is needed. :)

Cole had a great time yesterday as well pulling his brothers in the wagon outside:

And then of course, there's my favorite Valentine, a certain Bob Shenk. I don't know if either of us knew the road we'd one day embark upon, but I'd pick him a thousand times over. He's the perfect partner and I kind of love him a lot.

Not going to lie, life's been hard, but love makes it all worth it....


Jack said...

The giants will come, they are relentless. You say a prayer, run to the battle, take a smooth stone from your pouch, and let it fly!

Candice said...

Love the pics of the boys in the wagon and mama's shadow...aww!

Grandma Katie said...

Ali, Loved the pics, especially the ones of Dean by his brother's side while he was in the dentis's chair. It's amazing how children can share in their sibblings hard times with just being there to support them when duty calls. Love it!!!