Sunday, February 5, 2012

Party Time!!

We had a little party yesterday for Emmett's birthday. No theme, 'cause I don't really "do" themes; I'm lucky if I can remember just to get food and paper goods for everyone!

The birthday boy was a bit out of sorts, as he gets nervous when there are a lot of newer people around (by "newer," I mean anyone other than Bob and I - haha), and he gets very, very attached to mama. Hey, it's a phase. I am way less bent out of shape about it than I was when Cole went through a similar phase. I know that it will pass. :)

The scariest cake you've ever seen. But you know what? It was made with love and it tasted good. :)

Batman even made an appearance!

I was a little sad throwing out the "1" candle, knowing that we won't have another first birthday around here. And no, I'm not saving it for another 6 years until Cole turns 10. :)

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Matt said...

Happy Birthday, Emmett! :) (belated, of course, as usual!)