Monday, February 13, 2012

A Step in the Right Direction

Just read a news article that says that our county's elementary schools are going to remove peanut butter from their school lunch menus. A step in the right direction!

I know this is a controversial issue. I know there are kids out there who won't eat much at all (trust me, I've got a few of them myself) and rely on staples like PB sandwiches to get through the day. And I do feel for them. The good news is that those children won't go into anaphylaxis or suffer hives for lack of a peanut butter sandwich. And I know that it introduces what could be a fuzzy line - do we go ahead and ban any allergic substance from a school lunch menu? Of course not. But with how common peanut allergies unfortunately are, and in light of the death of Ammaria Johnson, (and there's a rumor of another allergic reaction to peanuts in our county since her death) it's a measure that will affect a LOT of kids. It does not change my responsibility to educate my son about his allergy or to educate the school about his allergy, but it helps.

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