Thursday, March 8, 2012

Art Show!!

I imagine myself saying "Art show!" along the to the cadence of the "Dog Show" skit from Saturday Night Live. Anyone?

Well, tonight Cole had an "Art Extravaganza" at his school. They showcased a series of art projects, the ones in his class mostly being from their Around the World unit. It was so fun to see Cole show off his work, especially considering that this was the kid who only a year ago would only go to the art table if there was an edible project involved. :) Here are some of his masterpieces, and you have to read the paragraph the teacher wrote about him. It melts my heart.

He drew this giraffe all by himself! I couldn't believe it!

Now here, Cole said he wanted to be a Flying Squirrel when he grows up (the Flying Squirrels are the local minor league baseball team - notice the hat, bat, and ball)

The boys had a great time. I love this face from Dean:

And here's Cole with some of his friends (of course, Dean didn't want to be left out!):

No pictures of Bob or Emmett, but they were there, too! Great night.


Jack said...

Smile, smile, and.... smile!

The Saunderses said...

What a cool event! I love all of his art work!

Katie said...

I am really inpressed with Cole's art. I know that Jack and Tim have talent in that area. Don't know where they got it-certainly not from their parents. Iloved Cole's work. It just amazed me at his talent in art. Go! Cole! Go!!! Loved Dean standing with Cole in the classroom. And Cole did not seem to object. Thanks for the preview of things to come.