Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's a Zoo Out There

That's actually what one of the employees at the Metro Richmond Zoo said to me today at the concessions stand. Dad, did you feed her that one? It was like she was just waiting to say it to someone. :)

We went to the zoo along with a bunch of Cole's classmates and their siblings. So fun to be outside on a BEAUTIFUL day and to watch how excited the kids were about the animals. What is it with kids and animals? It's like they understand each other.

Cole ran around screaming the names of each animal to his friends. "CHASE, LOOK, A CHEETAH!! LOOK, GUYS, IT'S A PYTHON!!!" Can you imagine him being a tour guide? It was hilarious and cute.

Before we went to the zoo, I asked the boys to tell me (obviously just Cole) some rules for behavior there. I was thinking rules along the lines of: stay with Mommy, you can touch but not bang on the glass, etc.
Me: "Cole, what would be a good rule for the zoo?"
Cole: "NOOOOOO punching the animals."
Me: (laughing out loud) "Umm... YES, that would be a good rule. How about something else?"
Cole: "Noooooo licking the animals."
Me: (still laughing) "Yes, another good rule. Also, how about stay with mommy and listen to mommy even if you see your friends doing things you know you shouldn't do? Ok, good? Good." :)

We ended up buying season passes to the zoo because I just can't get enough of how much they love animals. What a treat to have such a great zoo close by (well, 30 minutes :))!

Some pictures, courtesy of my friend Alanna (Click on the pics for full view - no clue why Facebook pictures are huge on here!)!

Safari Train!

Some of the kiddos on the train!

I cannot get enough of those cheeks.

Cole catches a bird on a budgie stick! Braver than me.

Deano and the giraffes


Elizabeth Phillips said...

YEAH!!! Season passes. I now declare that we MUST make a Phillips-Shenk trek out to the Zoo. We love love love the zoo. Except for the bats, Gracie and I are not fans. Also, Henry likes to comment of the shape, size, smell, and location of the poop. So he and Cole would make EXCELLENT tour guides.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

I thought of you guys immediately!! Very excited. And I don't like the bats either. And I think we should make a video of Henry and Cole narrating the zoo. And then YouTube it and become famous. :)

Sarah said...

Did you get a new camera? These pictures are great! That little Emmett looks like such a sweetie!

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Sarah, I wish! My friend Alanna took these pictures. I really should get a new one. :)