Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Make it Simple

Ever feel like life is complicated? Sometimes (read my previous post) I really do. Having three little kiddos and one with special needs has caused me to be more intentional about just DOING things (assuming I'm not cleaning up Cheerios off the floor again or am running after a child who thinks it's funny to wander out in the road) or SAYING what I want to say. I liked this:

What helps you simplify?


Diana P said...

great post Ali. Simple is not the way of culture right now! I'm not sure I have much right to talk about how to live simply with one child :) but some things that come to mind:
-go grocery shopping only at designated times each week
-keep a running list of other shopping that needs to be done and do it infrequently
-I don't think I clean my house as much as other people do!
-I do laundry once a week. If it's dirty in between you'll have to wear something else (my mom managed that with us growing up, but who knows how easy it will be with more kids and older kids!)
-I don't go shopping much or look at catalogs so I don't know what I'm missing to make life busier/more cluttered :).

I'd love to hear other ideas!

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Diana, those are great! I need to be more disciplined about the shopping thing because it seems that I am at some combination of Target/Kroger/Trader Joe's/Whole Foods about every other day! It's driving me nuts.

Also good about the laundry. I tend just to clean whenever something needs it and then I'm doing laundry nonstop! It's gotten harder with 3 kids to put it off, but I still think I could do something.

And I don't look at catalogs or go shopping much either! :)