Tuesday, March 13, 2012


As you know, Dean's test scores for eligibility in the county's special ed program showed that he was cognitively delayed and borderline delayed in motor skills (picture me shaking my head). I've been saying for months to his teacher that Dean does have fine motor deficits that should be addressed, that there are plenty of times where it's clear that he cognitively understands a task and his body fails him in carrying it out. She maintains, even as recently as last week, that the issue is cognitive and/or lack of interest in a task. So we requested and OT evaluation.

The OT from school came today and evaluated Dean. She said he did very well, but it was clear that there were skills he cognitively understand and yet lacked the strength/coordination to accomplish them. She said it, not me! It was so nice to be VALIDATED in an evaluation and show that my mommy instincts are actually right sometimes (imagine that).

Now we have to figure out what it means for services. I guess Dean did well enough in terms of school-related tasks that it might just be an OT consult or limited services through school, but I'm ok with that. We're getting OT through Children's Hospital anyway because they focus on other tasks not related to school, like dressing/undressing, utensils, etc.

As my friend Liz said, the school teachers might be the experts in education, but I'm (and Bob, too) the expert on Dean. Not that that means I know everything, but I wish they would give me more credit for what I *do* know. Happy to get one step closer to getting Dean everything he needs. Love that kid.


Haley said...

Yay for progress and validation!! It is nice to hear that your mommy gut is right on.

Janet Gulley said...

Okay, so after hanging with ya'll for just a little while it is OBVIOUS that Dean understands the world around him, he just has a hard time making his body cooperate. You have excellent mommy guts...