Monday, May 14, 2012


Depending on your upbringing, your immediate association with the "Bushwhackers" might be these guys:
But we did a different kind of bushwhacking at the Shenk house.

I've decided to take on the job of lawn mowing, because well, it's relaxing, it's fairly easy, and it's got the same sort of immediate gratification like when you vacuum and hear all the snaps, crackles, and pops of all the junk you just got off your carpet. It does, however, require this get-up:

I could make a joke about what I look like doing this, but I don't want to get arrested. I know, it's extreme, but the last time I mowed without this armor, my eyes blew up the next morning and I was itching my brains out. I could give up, sure, but I'm way too Irish and Italian stubborn to do that. So goggles and mask it is. Take that, lawn!

Then there's the front of the house. We love our house and we love vegetation, but not the kind and not the size of what was there. There were (notice I say "were") four small trees in the front that we were cautioned to cut down because of their proximity to the foundation. Then there were multiple azaleas and other hedges that had been pruned so as to be up to the windows. In other words, too high for our little rancher. So, in typical Bob-and-Ali fashion, after sitting on the idea for months and months, we one day just impulsively pulled the trigger. And by trigger, I mean a chainsaw.



Eek! It's gone. After we kill the stumps and dig up the rest, we're going to plant some smaller, grassy plants, and then some smaller bushes/hedges. Don't ask me names because I don't know what anything is called. My labels are like that of a 3-year-old: "I like THAT one!" So we'll see how that fills in. In the meanwhile, we're giving some older neighbors medical issues as they mourn what the good ol' house used to look like. Sorry, folks, it's our house now!

Last, I'm going to post a video of Bob cutting down a sizable tree in the BACK of the house that was also too close to the foundation. This whole experience was our first foray with a chainsaw, so there's obviously a learning curve. Fortunately, this curve leaned AWAY from the house. Barely. Don't tell Bob I posted the video. Haha!!!


Elizabeth Johnson Phillips said...

Notches. That's how you determine how the tree will fall. And I'm super jealous of the chainsaw. Once all our paperwork is done and we are in the waiting game, I may just have to invite y'all over for a manly chainsaw and eat some meat BBQ. We have about 10 mini-pine trees in ur front yard that I hate. Not to mention some azaleas... Y'all are my home owning heroes.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

See, but the notches were tricky. Bob cut the tree so the notch was facing to what would be the right on the video. Then the tree fell sideways. lol

And we borrowed the chainsaw from our neighbor. Are we still cool? :)

Jack said...

Dear Bob,
I like you as a son-in-law. Please don't try to catch trees after you saw them in two.

Sarah Call said...

Garrett is going to be out of town a lot this summer, so I'm going to have to take over the lawn mowing here, also. Not looking forward to it. May need some pointers from you!

Matt said...

I just mowed our lawn yesterday, and just like every time I do it, my allergies were driving me nuts. Must be that irish thing after all... but now you've inspired me with the mask idea, even if it is sketch-city. :)

And I second your dad's post: nice chainsaw work Bob, but next time let the tree do its own falling. :)