Friday, June 1, 2012

IEP Meeting!

It went great!! So relieved. I had a mental block with this day and couldn't even think about the summer until it was over. Our neighbor Anne, who has an adult son with special needs, came with us as a veteran to made sure we got all our talking points in. What a wonderful partner to have with us for the meeting! We reviewed Dean's new IEP and made sure that the food-related concerns (which mysteriously had been omitted...) were still in there. They noted Dean's significant progress in gross motor skills, strengths in receptive language and love for people (you should have seen him yesterday at school! He hugged everyone and had some great interactions with his classmates). The SLP also mentioned some recent progress in expressive speech, so that was nice to see Dean recognized for that. We informed them of our plans to send Dean to both schools next year and I think they were a little surprised, but they were more open than I thought they would be... which obviously is great. They understood why we were enrolling Dean in private preschool for speech and behavioral models. Because one of the days is on Wednesdays (when the teacher does a home visit once a month), the teacher will be able to go to Bon View (the private preschool) and consult with the teacher there to make sure that they feel confident with meeting Dean's needs. Woot! The team was more concerned about how we wanted to start Dean off with half-days at center-based and thought Dean could benefit from the full days. We said that we were open to moving to full days, but wanted to start here. Accommodations for next year involve making sure that Dean is always in chairs with a back on it and having some dycem (similar material as for rug pads so a rug doesn't slide) under his bottom so that he doesn't slump out of a chair (with his low tone, sometimes over time he'll just slide right out!). He's going to take the bus in the morning and then I'll pick him up after lunch. Dean will continue to get OT and speech, which is good. Also, we met Dean's teacher for next year, Alisha, and she seems GREAT! She has a very positive, laid-back vibe and she seems confident in her abilities without having an air about her. Total difference from this year. We are excited! So grateful that the meeting went well and that Dean has a good team for next year!

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Candice said...

That's wonderful!! Sounds like you are doing everything right! Good job, mama (&dad too)!