Sunday, June 3, 2012

Let There Be Plants

A few weeks ago, we got rid of all the azalea bushes, trees, and other, umm, growths that were in front of the house. Just wasn't our style.

This means our house was looking quite naked in front, with its lower brick parts exposed (ooh!). We placed an ad on Craigslist for someone to come dig up the azalea stumps (which someone did - free labor!), and we are in the process of killing the stumps from those trees (it's going to take a while). When Bob's parents were in town last weekend, Bob and his dad got to work on getting the front of the house back in shape. After an agonizing, indecision-filled trip to Lowe's, they came back with some plants (I got my input in the beginning and then I bowed out because of all the indecision - haha) and got to work!
This was a serious amount of work, as the old soil with tons of clay in it had to be cleared of all the roots and rocks, and then conditioned to be more suitable for the kinds of plants we were going to grow. Props to Bob and his dad!

The boys... helped. Kinda.
Good thing they're cute. In their defense, it was brutally hot out!

So now we water, and water, and water. And wait for it to fill in. We love the layered look of various greens and kinds of plants - liriope and hostas are on the left and right, and then camellias on the left, and boxwoods on the right. Such a difference for our short little house to have plants that are more proportional to its height! In the future, we're going to take the area near the hose and clear it out to make a small patio in the front. To be continued....

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