Saturday, June 2, 2012

T-ball and Teddy Bear Picnic

This morning, Cole had his last T-ball practice/game of the season. I'm so proud of how he did this year. Last year, we did soccer and it was just too much and not Cole's thing. This season, he really participated well and had a generally good attitude about trying and learning something new. Not that he hasn't swung a bat or practiced fielding, but this was the first time he did it in an organized way. It was great to see other adults telling Cole what a great player he was, too. Cole asked if I was proud of him and I said, "Sure bet! Are YOU proud of you?" He said he was, which to me is far more important than him knowing that we're proud of him (although that counts, too :)).

Here's his picture for the season:

As an aside, I thought this was... not sure what the word is, but I won't beat the topic to death. Each session during t-ball season, the coach (Bob) would give out a medal to someone who exemplified a certain skill/value that week. In the end, the point was for each kid to get a medal. Ok, that's cool. Then today at the closing event, they each got *another* medal, a trophy, and a "certificate of excellence." Does this seem excessive to everyone else? I get starting out their sports career in a positive and fun way, but kids also need to know that you're not going to get showered with awards just for showing up... I don't know, struck me as odd and maybe sending the wrong message. Anyway, we were overall pleased with the season and hope that Cole will continue doing something like this (or whatever he loves).

Afterwards, our neighborhood had an event for the kids, the Teddy Bear Picnic and Parade. It was very cute. They had bears in little scenes positioned throughout the grounds of the community center, bears to hug, games with bears (like tossing your bear into a bucket), reading of some bear books, snacks, and a "bear hunt" complete with clues. The boys had a blast. Made me think about how events like this are so special when they're little and, before long, they're going to want to do more and more "big kid" activities! It's times like this that I want to keep them small forever. :)

Great day!

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