Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PWS Video: Results

Remember the PWS video that I encouraged you all to vote for so many times? The one that, at the end of the contest, where we were in the lead by over 6,000 votes?

We didn't win. We didn't get honorable mention. In fact, the video was removed from the ChallengePost site. So far, no one has been given an explanation. Comments have flooded the site, and you can add yours here:

A moderator responded at some point and said that he was sorry that we were disappointed and was thankful for everyone's participation. He said that they needed to communicate directly with the people who submitted the video. However, we know that person, and that has not happened. And if they were really thankful for our participation, they would have the respect to communicate what happened.

There were talks that maybe we'd been disqualified because of eligibility reasons. However, the eligibility criteria were thoroughly reviewed before submitting, and the video had to undergo an acceptance process before it was posted to the site for voting. So this is not a valid reason. And why was it removed just today, before the results were announced? Something is fishy.

So, even though it was not our doing, I do apologize for the time and effort that many of you spent voting again and again and again. When and if we find out what happened, I will be sure to share it. In the meanwhile, the PWS community and others who voted are outraged and are looking for an avenue in which to bring this all to light.

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