Thursday, August 2, 2012

Creative Coley

One of my best finds was about a year ago when I picked up someone's stash of boys' dress-up clothes on Craigslist. This collection gave Cole (and Dean... Emmett's not into it yet) a huge array of costumes for them to play in.

Cole has an uncanny ability to see a character in a book, on TV, or even one that someone explains to him and then recreates it in a costume. So when he asks you, "Guess what I am?" the answer might be something like, "bowling pirate fish." Ah yes, the ol' bowling pirate fish costume.

And sometimes his costumes are just completely random, and he cracks himself up. For a kid who can often get so worked up over tiny things not being "right," it's nice to see him just get silly. What starts out as this:

Turns into this:

Which turns into this:


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Unknown said...

BAAAHAHAHA! What a fun kid you have!