Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ramping Up to 5!

Cole is going to turn FIVE on Friday! We kicked off the celebration with a small splash party today. We had a slip 'n slide, water balloons, a water table, kiddie pool, sprinkler (aka "the car wash") to run through, and a good ol' water hose. :)

I got a little sentimental in planning it because we had a splash party for Cole's first birthday. I showed him the bathing suit he wore then (Emmett wears it now) and he just chuckled at the memory.

So anyway, I awoke this morning at 5:15ish to a huge "BA-BOOM!!!!" of thunder. Cue lightning, cue torrential downpour... sigh. I prayed that God would stop the rain in time for us to have the party. And then my former-preschool-teacher brain went into overdrive as I figured out how we were going to transform this party last-minute if need be into something indoorsy.

Luckily, we were fine! Everything went right as we imagined (save some snafus with the water items), and Cole declared it "the best party ever."

(Thanks to Alanna for a lot of these pictures - precious memories!) 6 more days of 4 years old!

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