Monday, September 10, 2012

Full Days

Monday evening and I'm getting an idea already of just how FULL our schedule is right now. Can I say first how refreshing it was for it NOT to feel like a rainforest out today? Walking Cole to the bus stop, we actually got a little bundled up! Cool, crisp weather is on the way!

Dean started at his typical preschool today! He was very excited about going to a new school, and held up two fingers when I told him he was going to TWO schools now. :) We dropped him off and the activity at this school is considerably more busy than at his center-based class. Wow. Dean saw his teacher, gave her a hug, and then looked at Bob and I like, 'Umm, ok, what is going on here with all these people?!' Remembering what it was like to be on the flip-side as a teacher, we just told him we loved him, gave him a hug and kiss, and headed out. The director offered that we could call later to see how he was doing, but I just knew Dean would be fine.

We got a glowing report from his teacher after the morning (it's 9:30-12:30) was over! She was so pleased. Dean had a great time doing all the activities and had fun interacting with one other little boy in particular while they looked through a book together. Warms my heart. Speaks volumes to how when other people are willing to learn and stretch their comfort zone a little bit (which this school definitely has!), great things can happen. Just the first day, but we're happy.

During the morning, we had Emmett's swim class, and since Bob was home (he's on a Sun/Mon weekend right now), he went in the pool with E. Some pics:

Then Dean had speech and PT. We were going to stop PT, but his current PT is concerned that he'll lose a lot of the gains in strength that he's made recently. I just don't want to max Dean out. I knew that this morning was going to be a LOT more stimulation than at his other school even though the day is shorter. Turned out that he fell asleep during speech therapy :/ , and then only lasted through half of PT. Oh well, I guess there is time to adjust! It's hard for every speech session to be anything other than excellent, mostly because I'm horribly impatient when it comes to wanting to hear Dean talk more. Found this yesterday and thought it was so appropriate:

I'm believing for the miracle.

We came back after Dean's therapies, took a walk (Dean passed out in the stroller), picked up Cole at the bus, and then it was almost time to have dinner and move towards bedtime! Crazy!

I think someone else is feeling how quickly things are moving along. I put the boys to bed (Bob is on call) and Cole started crying a few minutes later. He told me that he didn't want to grow up, because Daddy and I used to be little kids like him, and then we grew up and got married and moved away. He didn't want to move away from us so that it would take a "long, long, long long time" to get to our house. I told him that usually when people get older, they want to move out, so his feelings might change, but that if they didn't, we would work something out. :) He asked if I would always be his mommy and if Daddy would always be his daddy. I told him that of course that was the case. He asked if I was old, and I told him I was going to be 31 in a few weeks. He said, "Well, that seems old," and I told him it was older than him, but still pretty young. I snuggled with him in bed and told him it was all going to work out, and that I loved him. Poor boo. Love that kid.

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