Tuesday, October 9, 2012

File This Under, "Things You Can't Make Up"

I should post these more often because I post them as my Facebook status and then forget also to put it on the blog. Cole just says the absolute funniest things! Here's a conversation from this morning....

Me (to Dean): "Ok Dean, today you have picture day, so make sure you smile REALLY big so they can see your dimples!"
Cole (who was also in the room): "Will he have to lift up his shirt?"
Me: "What? Why would he lift up his shirt?"
Cole: "To see his nipples!"
Me (laughing hysterically): "Coley, I said DIMPLES. Dimples on his face. Not his nipples."
Cole: "Well, why not nipples?"
Me: "'Cause, umm... that just wouldn't be good." :)

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