Friday, November 2, 2012


In addition to the pictures from yesterday that I posted with our friends for Halloween, Cole and Dean have both made some friends from school. Dean has a friend from each of his two schools that he likes the best, and with 23 (!) kids in his Kindergarten class, Cole seems to have quite a few.

(This image courtesy of Christophile Photography)

I am glad that they have people who care about them. I pray they are caring in return. Cole loves his friends, and Kindergarten has been a helpful social experiment to learn more about it means to be a friend. Sometimes I think about their friendships now and view them as transient just because they're so little, but I think many of us can think of friends we've known since we were really little who we still care about today (you know who you are!). How great to watch it all begin now!

For Dean, I hope and pray that he will feel loved and accepted by others, whether they have special needs or not. Dean might not act like most other kids, but he LOVES the people in his life. I am admittedly cautious about this, as we have definitely seen some people snicker, make comments, and exhibit other immature behavior... but for the most part, we are surrounded by people who love ALL of our boys, including Dean. We'll take it whenever we can.

Emmett thinks he's at least Dean's age if not Cole's, and I hope that one advantage of having the boys close together is that they can be friends with each other's friends (to some extent). After all, they're only 41 months apart from start to finish! Ha! Emmett seems to be a total extrovert just like his momma, and I know he's going to love school when it's time. For now, he is good friends with his brothers and misses them every day they are at school! He asks for them again and again. I love it.

He and Cole had fun making this swirly pic on the iPad:

To friends!

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