Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thank Goodness for Generous Elves

On Saturday, we ventured out to see Santa. I was not looking forward to this not because I'm anti-Santa. I knew the kids would be thrilled. But *I* was not thrilled about going on the weekend because I knew everywhere would be crowded. Until I figure out how to get to a Santa somewhere during the weekday between everyone's school and Dean's therapy schedules, this is what we have to do.

We decided to go to the Bass ProShop in Ashland because we heard their Santa was great. I looked it up on the website and saw that there were "Bass Passes" that they gave out for any long lines. I misunderstood the whole Bass Pass system and thought it was just a paging system for you to come back when the line got shorter. Not so much.

We drove 30 minutes to the Bass ProShop only to find out that (at 3:30, mind you) the next Bass Passes were for 8pm. EIGHT P.M. Bob and I stood with our mouths hanging open and I might have said, "I hate life" under my breath. Haha. But really, we weren't quite sure what to do.

Before we could figure out what to tell the kids, one of the "elves," who presumably had been watching Dean's behavior for a bit, came over to me and said, "Wait a second, I hate to ask this, I don't usually ask this...but does he (pointing to Dean) have special needs?" I said yes and she told us (cue clouds opening up from heaven) that we could go to the front of the line. Front of the line!! Before I could even think, we grabbed the kids and the elf brought us straight to Santa. I might have fallen butt-first into the fake snow. Hey, I was a little taken off-guard. But the kids got to see Santa, Cole gave him a drawing he'd made for him (it was actually a map so Santa would know where our house was :)), and we got a picture. Here's a picture of the picture:
Happy, stunned, and terrified. It works. 

I don't think we deserve special treatment in situations like this because Dean has special needs, and I definitely wasn't going to ask about it because there are plenty of reasons someone could say they needed to get up to the front of the line. But I'll tell you, I'm thankful that she thought it was a good idea for us to see Santa right away. The whole thing was a blur and I felt a little like Ralphie in A Christmas Story after he gets pushed down the slide from Santa's lap. What just happened? The boys were happy, and that's all that mattered. 

We continued on enjoying the store. I can't believe we've never been there before! We didn't grow up with guns in the house and my only real exposure was through a family friend who was really into hunting, so I felt a little out of my element. I guess with three boys, I better get used to this to some extent! The boys had a great time playing at the pretend shooting range, visiting the fish in the pond and aquarium, and playing some games in Santa's Wonderland. 

It was a good day! I love watching the boys get so excited, even the adult boy. :) Next year, we will have a better plan for seeing Santa. Merry Christmas!

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msecor said...

That's great that someone did that for you and your family. You don't see those kind acts much anymore.