Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Week in

Living kitchenless is the way to go.

No, it's not. Remember when I said that it wasn't too stressful? A week in, I'm not feeling that way anymore. :)

We're mostly still in the "taking away" phase of remodel. Take the cabinets and countertops DOWN, take the trim OFF, take the wall DOWN, rip OUT the floor... the only "addition" we've really had so far is the lights. We have lights!

It was difficult to take a picture where you could see them all, but we have two rows of 4 recessed lights each. We will also have a pendant over the sink and two pendants over the peninsula that is between the kitchen and family room. So yeah, we have lights, but that's about it. :) 

Today, the asbestos abatement folks came to tear out the asbestos-laden floor all the way down to the subfloor. We tried to stay out of the house, but at one point when I realized that I'd forgotten something inside, I came back and snapped a quick picture: 

"DANGER" and "HAZARD" are generally two words that I prefer not to be associated with the place where I live, but that's why they were here, right? To get it out. I'm glad that junk is out of here. Adios, asbestos. The floor now looks like this: 

Fortunately, this won't be for long since they are installing the new oak floors tomorrow. Hooray! The cabinets come in early next week and then it will be another week or so for the granite  countertops and appliances to come in. Then it's all the million finishing details... so hopefully just another two weeks and we're good! I'm waiting for the finished product, but I will definitely reveal more about the company that we're using for all this in the end if things go well. I love to pass on information about great products, people, and companies!

I thought the most stressful part of living without a kitchen would be having food all over the place and not having an oven. That would be false. That part is stressful, but dealing with all the people coming in and out and all the NOISE (zzzt-zzzt, Ddtdtwdtdtdt, BANG BANG...) is what is getting to me. Today, on the first day back to school for the kids in two weeks, the above-mentioned asbestos guys rang the (new) doorbell at 7:30am. Bob had worked overnight and wasn't there, but the rest of us were in our PJs and I desperately needed to shower. I told the guy that I was told they were coming at 9 (which was true) and that he was going to have to come back in a little while. Haha! I just couldn't handle it, and I thought that was kind of an unreasonable time to show up at someone's house unannounced. So wait he did. (For the record, I got myself showered and dressed, all the kids dressed and teeth brushed, bags packed, Emmett's swim stuff packed, and lunches packed (we had to be out of the house for most of the day) and out the door at 8:08. BOOYAH). 

We're surviving just fine, and it will be a million times worth it to have our finished kitchen in the end. But we're tired, and this is annoying, and I want some order around here. Soon enough. :) 

As I mentioned, the kids also went back to school today. Cole was so excited, and I'm glad because he just adores school, but I was sad to see them all go back. I loved having them home! Dean was actually less excited to go to school, which surprised me, but he was happy once we got there. Getting back into the routine was really jarring after having 2 weeks to get out of the house when WE wanted to and to do what WE wanted to do. Another vote for homeschooling. Oh well. Onward we go! 

First day back at school kicked Dean's butt. Consider the evidence from dinner: 

With all the kitchen chaos, we'll take whatever routine we can get!

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Unknown said...

What a project, Ali! Hope things continue to go smoothly!