Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Catching Up With Cole

The upside of Emmett (did I mention that we brought Cole and him both to urgent care last week before Dean?) and Dean having both been sick was that Bob and I each got to spend some one-on-one time with Cole. I never realize how much I need that time until it happens. There's a certain grounded feeling that sneaks up on me when I spend time with Cole, being with the kid who made us a family. Amidst all the activities for which Dean and Emmett need our help, I don't always get the opportunity to talk with Cole sans interruption.

Since we didn't go to NY for my grandpa's birthday, we went to the 50th birthday party for our elementary school on Friday night. I let Cole lead the way and introduce me to the friends that I hadn't yet met and to his friends I already knew who make him just light up. Even though he is so little (age- and size-wise), it was clear that he felt completely at home in his school). The kindergarteners have to walk all the way across the building to get to their classrooms and he doesn't hesitate to parade through the school like he owns the place. So weird to think that in a few weeks past this time last year, we were registering him for Kindergarten.

At the end of the celebration, there was a school "family" dance party, and Cole let loose. As usual, he was holding back. :) 

 This one is my absolute fave: 
Dance 'til you drop 

Saturday morning, Bob brought Cole to t-ball. After last year, where Cole was hesitant at first and then only mildly interested after that, we weren't quite sure how it would go, but since he was younger and the league was pretty disorganized, we decided to try one more time in a more "serious" league. Cole is with the 6-year-olds and they are going to do coach pitch followed by the tee if they can't hit the ball after 3 pitches. Cole was thrilled about this, and also that his buddy Chase was on the same team. He came home seemingly refreshed and happy. Bob enjoyed bonding with him and helping out with the practice drills. 

After that, there was an egg hunt at our neighborhood's community center and Bob went with Cole again. You could see how much Cole was eating up the one-on-one time with Bob and I. Is it bad to say that I miss him? That sometimes I wish it were just Cole again? Not that I can imagine (or would really want) that, but in spending time with any one of our boys, I feel like I'm getting to know them more, and that is priceless. :) 

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