Sunday, April 28, 2013

Joy Gains Ground - Happy Dean Day!

Our sweet Deano turns 4 today. Yesterday, we had a party at Pump it Up, a local party place with inflatables for kids (and maybe some adults... :)) to enjoy. Dean was clearly in sensory overload, but he handled it so well and had a great time sliding and running and jumping with his friends (we are lacking pictures of the actual jumping and sliding! Would love them if anyone has some).

This morning, I was struck by this picture, which I uploaded onto my Facebook page for this special day:

I'm not sure exactly how this moment happened. My baby had just been born and although he was breathing and had a weak cry, he couldn't move, had no muscle tone, was anemic and several hypoglycemic, and had none of his reflexes... and no one knew why or what his prognosis was. I got this quick moment to hold him and then he was taken away for 10 hours. I remember feeling confused and sad and afraid, and yet this was still my son, born into this world. Looking back, I am so glad that this moment was captured, because as each year passes, the sad moments of that day fade a little more, and joy gains more ground. To God be the glory.

Dean, you are a wonderful gift, and we are immensely grateful that we get to be your mom and dad. May we be worthy of the call. We're all in, Deano, and you're certainly easy to love. :)


Sarah said...

oh man, now you have me crying. Happy Birthday Dean Man!

Jewell Coleman said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us!

Maegan0514 said...

So I am a little late, but Happy Birthday Dean! <3