Sunday, May 12, 2013

PWS Awareness Day #12: IQ and Cognitive Skills

IQs for people with PWS range from 40 to 105, with an average of 70. For those who started growth hormone at an early age, the average approaches 100. Those with normal IQs typically have learning disabilities. Problem areas may include attention, short-term auditory memory, and abstract thinking. Common strengths include long-term memory, reading ability, and receptive language. Early infant stimulation should be encouraged and the need for special education services and supports assessed in preschool and beyond.

It's hard to tell just yet because he's only 4, but my guess is that Dean's IQ is slightly below average. He definitely has strengths with long-term memory, is beginning to recognize some words, and understands most things we say. But his auditory memory, attention, and abstract thinking (as it says above) are definitely all problem areas. We are working hard to make sure he has all the supports he needs.

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