Sunday, June 9, 2013

Annnnnd, I'm Back

Took me a little while to recover from PWS Awareness Month. I love me some PWS awareness, but there is something about systematically going through and unveiling all the aspects that we deal with every day that left me feeling a little vulnerable, and tired. So it was good to have a little break! I am still hearing stories from people about how helpful it was! Music to my ears.

May was a busy month other than being all about PWS awareness.

We had a lot of time doing T-ball games and practices with Cole:

And the other kids have fun during games, too. Emmett flirting with his little friend, Emmie :)

We had pretty much the best Mother's Day ever. Bob's parents and my parents and Tim & Natalie were all together and the guys had a bunch of surprises in store. And we went to a Nationals game the day before, which was a lot of fun (even if they lost). 

And even though there is still one week of school left, there have been plenty of times it's sure felt like summer already: 

I am so excited for the summer to begin and to have more time with all 3 boys! 

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