Friday, August 2, 2013

Jump, Jump Around

Today, we went with some friends and their kids to a new-ish place in Richmond called Jumpology. It's a trampoline arena, so you go inside the warehouse-type building and it's pretty much wall-to-wall trampolines. We had a blast! It was so funny to see adults alongside kids just bouncing all over the place. They were probably more dangerous than the kids! My legs were jello after just 10 minutes, but we kept bouncing and taking breaks and doing whatever it took to maximize our hour-long "flight time." Usually, we try to stay *at least* an hour when we do an activity with the kids, but an hour was sure a lot of bouncing!

Emmetty in the dodgeball arena. He looked like a little toy just bouncing up and down :)

Very funny, Jumpology, verrrrry funny....

The blur in the foreground is Cole, and the blur going up the wall trampoline is Dean (and I have to say, watching Dean run almost effortlessly up the trampoline wall was exciting!) :)

Bouncing with friends!

The boys especially loved the foam pit (no pictures, unfortunately), where you bounce off a trampoline into a pit filled with giant blocks of foam. Cole quickly figured out how to do a flip into the pit and Dean quickly figured out that he couldn't get out of the pit once he was in. Haha.

The staff at Jumpology take their jobs as referees seriously, but without being total killjoys. They blew the whistle at me for running between the foam pit and the main trampoline areas. Haha. But seeing how we've been to other places where there's a high risk for bodily trauma and the staff are less than vigilant, I was more than happy for them to ensure everyone's safety!

Just as an aside, Jumpology offers a lot of other events, including ones for adults and older kids. This was a specific jump time for kids 6 and under and their parents.

I can't tell you how many times people ask me how I handle three boys. First of all, they say it like it's a bad thing, but you all know how I love my little crew! The thing I say is just to run them whenever I can, and then they are happy! This is largely the case. Jumpology gets five Shenk thumbs up!


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