Tuesday, April 25, 2006


First thing... this is my 100th post! Let's have a party.

Here's where the $63.24 comes in. Yesterday, Bob and I went to Trader Joe's to food shop, which we don't do that often. At the register, we try to guess how much we spent and see who's closer. I know we usually spend between $50 and $70. I DID NOT add the items up in my head, nor was it a typical order for us in terms of specific products. So I just said arbitrarily, "Umm... $63.24." Bob guessed $65. The cashier rang the things up, hit the total key, and said, "Oh my gosh!" It was $63.24! I know it's no big deal in the cosmic order of things, but it was still cool. I asked if I win a prize and she said no, but she would love to give me one. :) It was just funny. There it is...

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Daddy said...

Reminds me of the time when Mommy and I were dating and we took a guess at the number of sour balls in a jar at the Purchase Fire House 4th of July celebration. Our guess of 643 was only off by 1 and so we came home with a jar of 644 sour balls. They lasted quite awhile.