Tuesday, July 25, 2006


You NEED SpaceBags! They're so fun. My mom gave us one, and I put it in the closet (with a thousand other things) for "later." Well, moving=later, so recently it came out and I stuffed some sweaters in there. I hooked up the hose attachment on the vacuum, and watched with open mouth while the air went out and those sweaters compressed into a tight little package. Beautiful!

I was so fascinated by the difference in volume that I ran (ok, walked) across the street to Walgreens and bought a JUMBO size SpaceBag. You could fit ME in these things! We stuffed all of our winter gear (you wouldn't believe how much stuff), more sweaters, and all sorts of things into the bag and then I had Bob watch as the air went out. He did the open-mouth-thing too. We were both addicted. I wanted another, but decided maybe I should sleep on it. So I did what I always do: write to the company and tell them how *amazing* their product is so that they can give me free samples and coupons.

They didn't. They *did* write me back a nice letter, but no dice. So the next day I cracked and bought Walgreens' last SpaceBag. I took all of our stuffed animals (I have tons, but we're talking only 25% of what I *originally* had) and put them in the SpaceBag. Bob watched as Patrick the Dog, Radar the Bear, Rory the Raccoon, and our other furry/plastic friends shrank as the air was sucked out of them. Bob yelped as he saw all our Berts' and Ernies' (we have 6, clearly) heads implode and their faces smush against the butts of other animals. We turned off the vacuum. It just seemed wrong. They're not human, BUT IT'S BERT AND ERNIE! In a brief panic, we re-opened the bag and breathed a sigh of relief as we watched their heads re-inflate. *Phew*. We sealed the bag and resumed air suckage. Victory.

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