Friday, August 18, 2006

For me, it's technically the 17th

I'm still up from the 17th, so to me, the day hasn't ended.

Bob and I had a fabulous night. I had been invited to show my jewelry at this Shakespeare in the Park festival just down the street from us at Vellucci Park (where is Vellucci Park, you ask? Intersection of Cambridge and Hampshire Streets in Cambridge). It was great fun! I sold quite a few pieces of jewelry, and we had a good time getting to know Kim, a stained glass art who shared a show table with me! Her work is amazing. Her website is about to be overhauled, but the one now can be seen at Stained Glass by Kim.

The thing we thought is that we've grown more attached to this neighborhood than we realized! It was so fun to talk with other locals and get a feel for the community.

Thanks to Mara at Boutique Fabulous for the opportunity!

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