Friday, August 18, 2006


Big "Phew!" today! We saw our apartment (yes, we're about to move into a place that we hadn't seen before today!) and it's beautiful! Everything is well-maintained, clean, and it's a fun quasi-open space. I was dreading the move partly because I had no clue what our home would look like, and home is *very important!* So now we can rest assured and take a breath. :) Yay! We also met our next-door neighbors, Amy & Steve, and their little munchkin Ethan (cute baby leg chub!). They are so nice and welcoming (I mean, they are the Residence Life Coordinators, but they're nice beyond their job, you can just tell). We also met Caleb, who apparently is the unofficial resident handyman. He helped us out when our mini rolling file cabinet broke (just a flesh... err, wood wound). Feels like home already. :)

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