Friday, September 29, 2006

No, seriously, have you been there?

Ok, I've heard of the Dollar Tree before, but had no clue where one was ever located. Today, Bob and I went to the Target near us, which we've been to several times before, and noticed that there's a Dollar Tree right next door. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN THERE??? It's amazing!!

Now, there are plenty of .99 or $1.00 stores that claim that price in their title, but then you go in and find out that some stuff is $2.50, some is $4.00, whatever. NOT $1. Well, Dollar Tree is serious about this business! EVERYTHING is a $1! Ok, some stuff is 50 cents, but the rest is a dollar! I went roaming around with the shopping cart literally with my mouth open. I actually asked two random people if everything in the store was really a dollar, and they looked at me like I was nuts (as if to say, "Hello lady, that's why it's called DOLLAR Tree") . But really, would you believe that? Even the signs in the store said, "Really, everything's a dollar!" like they knew was I was saying.

Bob and I keep track of every penny we spend (it's the best money-managing tool we know of) and let me tell you, this was an easy receipt to break down when we got home! Amazing. You need to go. Now.

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