Tuesday, September 5, 2006

So it's not *really* two years...

Found out some fun news today. I had asked the Counseling office at GCTS several times if I should be doing anything before the summer, etc. They told me wait until orientation.

So I waited.

Today during orientation I found out that the MACO (M.A. in Counseling) program is not *really* a two year program, it's a three year. Oh, you can get it done in two years and a summer, but it's rare and they don't really advise it. Oh, and if you're going to get it done in two years, you need to get a practicum figured out ASAP and start this semester. Oh, and if you're going to get it done in two years, you need to take 4 classes in the Fall and a Practicum, a January (J-term) class, 4 classes in the Spring and a Practicum, and then 2 or 3 classes during the summer each year. If you're going to get it done in two years, they said it's do-able if you live on campus, don't have kids, and don't mind getting much sleep. I wasn't getting much sleep anyway, I live on campus, and now we are 100% NOT having munchkins before I'm able to get this business done (unless I decide to drop out, which is currently NOT the plan).

Oh yeah, and the requirements for Mass. licensure are pretty strict, but guess what the two states are that are more strict? California and Virginia, the two other places we would currently consider moving after school.

That being said, know that you are not going to see very much of me over the next two years. I'll be working my butt off.

Vent over (for now).

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