Thursday, October 19, 2006

A note about spam

I don't know about you, but my spam quotient has gone up dramatically recently. Then again, I do sign up for various mailing lists online that probably give my email address to all sorts of shady folks. I guess the good thing is that Gmail tends to catch most of them.

I know a lot of the scams come from other countries, as judged by the poor use of English in many of the spams. "You must to read" as a subject title doesn't really convince me that you're legit. It's like when telemarketers call you up and say, "Umm, may I speak with Mrs. Shnek?" Hmm... You don't know me, do you? I'm going to have to go now.

A word of advice about the spam stuff: forward the email to the appropriate whoevers so that they can take care of it. I don't know about every company, but for PayPal and ebay, you just forward the spam to or respectively, and they'll get back to you in a matter of minutes telling you that it is *not* a legitimate email and that they're cracking down on it. It helps them deal with what's out there, and it takes about 30 seconds, so it's worth it.

So, to wrap up: beware of random emails with faulty English (unless it's from me, because I've been known to have difficulties speaking my own language at times :)), beware of people from other countries who NEED to give you 2 million dollars, beware of emails that say, "I hope this is your email address. I need to tell you about this amazing opportunity to invest...", beware of even legitimate-looking emails that want you to supply your password or PIN online. Don't do it!

May the spam be far from you.

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