Thursday, December 7, 2006

Finally awake

Well, not feeling too sick this week, but BOY, have I been tired. I've been sleeping around 9 hours a night, which for those of you who know my insomniac tendencies, is quite amazing! On Tuesday, I took THREE naps. Yes, three. How did I find time? Well, that's the problem. So now, I'm actually getting things done since I'm awake during the daytime hours. :)

A friend told me yesterday that being pregnant is the physical equivalent of climbing a mountain every day. WOW! No wonder I'm so tired! I guess it takes a lot of energy to grow another person inside your body (and how that works, I'll never quite understand!).

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Michi said...

Keep resting Ali!!! We want a happy healthy Baby Shenk along with a happy and healthy mama!