Sunday, December 10, 2006


I've realized that there are some things that I will be more open with during this pregnancy than other things, and that's really in your best interest. Either way, I'm open to answering more specific questions if you should have them. :)

On Friday, Bob & I went to the doctor after I was experiencing some pains that made the docs a smidge concerned (although admittedly, they were most concerned because I was concerned... they don't want moms to be stressed because it's not good for the baby). Anyway, the pregnancy is where it's supposed to be instead of in my fallopian tubes, so that's good! And we saw the little yolk sac... they said it was a few days too early to see the heartbeat, so I hope that's ok for now. They're doing all my bloodwork that they normally do and are going to check my thyroid (since thyroid stuff runs in the family and pregnancy is a time when thyroids can go nuts). Hopefully all will be well! Your prayers are appreciated as always! :)

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