Monday, January 8, 2007

General run-down

Haven't given you all an update in a while besides the one on Thursday! Here's the general run-down:
Definitely feeling more pregnant lately and I'm getting used to all the symptoms a little more.
Still tired, but having *some* days with more energy.
Pilates is my friend! It's been helpful so far and I know that it will be helpful for labor!
We've decided at this point to go with a certified nurse-midwife. They have a much lower rate of complications and interventions during labor & delivery, and they treat you more holistically than does an OB. If any complications in pregnancy come up, you immediately get co-managed with an OB, and I'm still giving birth in a hospital where access to whatever is all there. :) Next appointment is January 30th!
Things are still aching and cramping, but hey, it's all stretching!
I've been keeping a cute pregnancy journal that Tegan told me about called "The Belly Book." It's really fun to document all these happenings!
Bob is reading away with a book that John gave him about being a guy and having your wife be pregnant. He's so eager to learn and so helpful when I'm feeling ill!
"Morning sickness," a.k.a. feel like poo all day (especially at night), comes and goes, but is generally getting worse. I've started dry heaving at times (the Ali equivalent of throwing up), and the number of foods that I can eat without wanting to throw up or having it *come* back up is getting very small. Yogurt, fruit, and bread are my friends. :)
That's the scoop for now!

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